Social Media (again!) but who does the recruiting?

Social Media as recruiting tools. Many many words have been written on particular subject; how to use Twitter, YouTube, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing etc to recruit with.

Just this week I was lucky enough to be able to listen to two leading figures in online recruiting; Bill Boorman and Paul Harrison both gave presentations on the advent and use of Social Media platforms as potential recruiting tools. On each occasion I was part of different audiences, each with different objectives and perceptions of the value of SocMed to their daily job functions. Both audiences were made up of experienced in-house corporate recruiters, who all know how to build attraction and acquisition teams, strategies, pipelines and source and acquire the best talent they can for their respective employers. It was interesting to hear the reactions of different members of each audience. It is very clear that even with all of the hype, people are still unsure.

What is important is that online SocMed platforms are here to stay and that the corporate recruiter will need to be able to make the best use of them to come out on top. How they do that will be up to the individual, the corporate strategy employed and how committed they’ll be. It is going to take a little money, a lot of thought and a bit of time to get it right. And what will be right for me won’t necessarily be right for you. Just think of the different strategies that companies such as Apple or Disney will employ compared to JP Morgan or even the BBC.

That is not to say they’ll have to spend hours and hours working the networks and gaining as many fans, followers or connections as they can (see previous posting for comments on that particular issue), but using the new ability to target specific demographics, search wider and faster than they have ever had the ability to do before. They will learn how to market both themselves and their Employer Value Proposition and as a result or part of that, they will need to learn what branding means and how it works. Understand who creates a brand, why it is so important and why it needs protecting!

SocMed has taken many of the old boundaries down and given us new tools and techniques to learn. But let us not forget that it is a means to an end and do not overlook the basics. By all means use SocMed platforms to find people, but when you do find them – PICK UP THE PHONE! SocMed doesn’t recruit, you do!

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