Fishing with the Net and Slapped by a Wet fish?

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I have here’s how and why

So Day 2; PC on, Outlook up, Planet Rock on player

Then I get a halibut (or was it a trout?) in the face, metaphorically speaking that is. To be honest it probably had the same impact on me as the real thing.

The first email I open is from Andy Headworth of Sirona Consulting who, having read yesterday’s Day 1 post, pointed out some very very obvious omissions and “should haves”. I won’t detail all of them; I don’t want to appear as naïve as I felt this morning! But really appreciate the perspective and critique. Thanks Andy! As it was the very first email I read today it did set the tone for the whole day – well maybe the cost of the service and MOT test on my car did that, but I’m not writing about that am I?

The crazy thing is that yesterday I wrote about looking after the small things in a CV and forgot that the same must apply in other media.

One error I will correct here and now is simply this


I had alluded to it yesterday but not sure I came out and openly said it. Yes, I will be in need of new employment or money earning opportunities to start in September.

In amending the set up of the Blog to reflect this and to allow people to contact me – yes, I now have a Contact Me page! – I started thinking about what I am, what I can do, what I am good at and what I can offer. Aside from fishing that is!

And before you all start, I do have some good points. In fact the difficulty is restricting it to the few areas that I know will add value to others. Many people don’t think hard enough about it and end up looking like Jacks of all trades and experts at none.

So where do I add value, aside from being a prolific vacancy filler – these are listed in the About Me page. So with that addressed it was time to crack on with job hunt.

Well to keep this reasonably short. I have spoken to four Recruiting Managers, two ATS vendors, one Social Media guru, a professional researcher and two car mechanics. I have arranged meetings with three of these people, all of whom will certainly add value to me and I too hope to help them. I have had Twitter DM’s from a couple of people who have offered assistance, had one call out of the blue from a chap who had heard on the grapevine that I was soon to be available and a couple of exploratory InMails from my LinkedIn connections. All in all another very positive day.

Lesson learned today – with all of the communication options available in the current world and the visibility that the online Social Media communities provide, don’t overlook anything and be thorough.

Music of the Day – Sweet Soul Sister, The Cult not heard that in a while. Made me smile it did!

Also read couple of great blog postings one of which I think we’ll leave until tomorrow as it has given me and idea.

I really cannot wait for Day 3.

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