It’s Raining, It’s Pouring but i aint Snoring! -Day 7

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Day 7 rocked to the foundations, despite a very slow and groggy start.

Get up, coffee on and fire up laptop getting ready to go. Raining harder and steadier than we’ve seen in months and it doesn’t look like it is in a hurry to pass by either. No way I’m going out to feed the chickens in that! I reconcile this with the fact that I know they won’t want to leave their shelter and brave the rain just to get to the feeder, will they!

First task on the “work” list is to review all of those wanting to join The FIRM. I get a little sadistic pleasure in rejecting some of them – yeah as if it means anything!

So added a few today. It’s steady and then onto the next task. Finalising the newsletter. We send out a newsletter to all global members of The FIRM during the first week of the month with update and news. Emma did most of the work as always but just needed me to add a couple of items that had come to me at the last minute. This took a few hours to format and was ready to go out later in the day. I think each month we get better at it. We now feature a blog of the month; no it’s not me but Jim Stroud this month as well as a write up on a diversity event by one of the members. Plus the usual selection of offers for our members.

All of that and answering emails that had come in overnight had taken me to lunch time in the blink of an eye. Time then to start applying myself to #myjobhunt.

I was frustrated first thing not to have received emails I was expecting from a couple of people. Once I thought about it and looked closer I found them both in my spam filter. Why does that happen to legit emails? Then I remembered I have a new PC and the AV software purchased with it needs configuring. No guesses which one I have and trust :). So all tidied up and both emails responded to. Fingers crossed they will lead to something; one of them was confirmation for a 2nd interview. Phew! Time and date for that one was added to the calendar late in the day. Good news.

At the risk of repeating myself it still surprises me how many people contacted me today out of the blue, some of them I haven’t had much dialogue with before, wishing me well or just for a general chat. I got a message from someone who I’ve followed on Twitter and who has followed me back for sometime, but we’ve never communicated outside of Twitter. Very pleasant exchange. Interesting too to hear how she obtained her current contract assignment. Very encouraging. There was also a message in my LinkedIn inbox from another who wanted to keep my brain active with an idea around recruiting. Sounds intriguing and I am looking forward to exploring that one further. I don’t mind if these conversations or email exchanges as well as the others that I have, are not directly about jobs or work for me, it is just good to speak with like-minded people active in the recruiting space.

By about 14:30 in the afternoon I hadn’t really done too much that many would call job hunting. I think I had though – I’d had real or online exchanges with close to twenty people already.

Now, what I haven’t explained is that I do not get a cell phone signal in my house. On previous days when I’ve said to my wife that am going to the office, I have meant the vegetable garden, 50 metres up-hill from the house. I get a signal up there you see. This is ok until it rains. Like yesterday; a 40 minute conversation with someone left me feeling quite good, so I came down the slope without care; feet slid from under me and I landed hard. Luckily on my most padded bit (no not my head!). Not so lucky it was straight into a bed of nettles. So the garden is the office on good days and not suitable on rainy days, and with it coming down for Noah today, I have to drive up the lane to the top of the hill and park up. As soon as I do the calls start coming in. Initially voicemails, but then as I am returning those calls more messages are left. By the time I had returned to the house I had spoken with 2 Search firms, applied for one contract position, offered to help with referrals for another and confirmed one interview.

That was a very fast and very productive hour. On my return to the house there is an email from someone in The FIRM outlining a position that looks ideal for me, both in terms of location and content. It is via an agency that contacted her but since she is in my online network, it is allowed.

The day closes with the newsletter being sent out and feedback, as well as input, coming back to us.

The one negative of the day is the reflection that I hadn’t heard from anyone in respect of two jobs I had applied for on Day 1, other than an auto reply. Not surprising given that both were via agencies. Do I name and shame them? I am inclined to do so but want to sleep on it and hear your thoughts. It is a constant complaint in the market. We all know this and strive to ensure we offer better care and service. But here we are with two companies/people who have no respect. I might just out them tomorrow and see what happens – let’s call it part of the experiment shall we?

Music of the Day – India/Mountain Time, Joe Bonamassa

That’s it. Thanks for reading.

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