3 weeks, 12 job applications, 10 interviews, 1 job offer – Day 16 #myjobhunt

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I hope you had a good weekend

Okay Okay this is Day 16, but I missed Days 14 and 15. Well yes I did. So here is a very quick summary of Day 14 and Day 15.

On the morning of Day 14 I had an interview for a 6 month contract. I got offered the job – Yay smiles and marching bands as far as the eye can see!!!!!!

I didn’t do much else on the job-hunting front on Day 14. I was busy and not resting on my laurels but the afternoon was spent on other outstanding activities. If did however book another two meetings/interviews for Tuesday 24th and made a few exploratory phone calls.

Why you may ask?

Simple answer. To be true to myself.

In Day 5, I made a point of saying that it was important to be true to myself, about the type of job I applied for, where it was and what it was. It has been an exciting three weeks since I first started out on #myjobhunt and wrote that. Things have changed. My priorities however have not. Surprisingly I have a huge pipeline of opportunities, Permanent, Contract and Consulting but and it is a big BUT, I now have an offer on the table, one that will be sure to take all of the pressure off, financially anyway. The dilemma I have is that I left my last job to seek greater challenges and this contract, whilst with great people and a fantastic company doesn’t fulfill those challenges. But it does give me a job and in an uncertain economy can I afford to be choosy? I am still uncertain what I will do and have promised to call them on or before Wednesday this week to let them know. The important thing in this scenario is that I have been open and honest about my situation and my priorities with the Hiring Manager at the company. They have with me too.

Therefore if I do decide to stay true to myself and wait, then I need to have the options still moving in the pipeline. The difference between Day 1 and now is that I didn’t expect to have so many opportunities in the pipeline. I still have only the one offer though.

Day 15, the Friday. All I was able to do all day was to have one telephone interview. This was the third conversation I had had with this particular company and am now looking at this one with a degree of excitement as it sounds so interesting and different. We shall see what happens next during Week 4 I hope.

So today is Day 16, the start of Week 4 and a busy day it has been too. I was supposed to have an interview today, but the weather or at least the result of the downpour and the mop-up this morning meant I couldn’t get there. Rescheduled for Thursday now.

Once dry, email first. There was plenty from Friday that needed responding to, including two from overseas with suggestions they may be able to help. My responses have yet to be replied to however!!!! I had to pay a visit to the “office” to check on messages and as it was raining hard, that meant a quick drive to the top of the hill. I did have an exciting response via voicemail to a job I applied for last week, with a request to set up an interview for this coming Weds. Unfortunately I cannot make Weds this week so will have to wait further for that one to be confirmed.

I have a full day in London tomorrow and thus needed to do some planning and research for 4 meetings, each of which presents different possibilities and potential job opportunities. The first one starts at 10.30am and the last one starts at 6.30pm

Still much happening and I must have received 8 emails over the last 3-4 days from people who have seen #myjobhunt on Twitter or read the blog or seen my LinkedIn profile update. Total strangers with nothing to gain have sent me links or contact details of people they know who are looking to hire in-house recruiters in one capacity/level or another. To these people that you so much, each email is a little nugget that could be my perfect job. However and strangely it seems more important to me that social networking is working so positively for me.

What has been important and key to remember in all of these activates and interviews – and now the job offer is that they are all 100% directly a result of Social Media and the networking opportunities the different platforms present. Well that and the very proactive efforts I’ve put in.

Music of Day 14 was Come With Me by Puff Daddy & Jimmy Page

Music of Day 16 was Suffragette City by David Bowie

Thanks for reading.

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