Friends Like These

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I have had one of those weeks that are so rare that they stand out as truly brilliant and memorable.

It didn’t start off well to be truthful, Monday was very stressful and by the end of it I have booked myself a nice two week break; recuperation from surgery! Yeah not nice but needed and as such I’m strangely looking forward to it.

So why was the week so good? Those of you who are active on Twitter and who follow me will have seen that I also follow a very special lady. A lady who within the last 12 months has gone from being a total stranger, to being someone very special to me. This week Sarah Knight commenced and then completed her climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. People who know Sarah and have followed her training and her blog know how committed she was to not only the climb but in using it to raise funds for charity. She kept us updated with texts that got translated by some clever technology into tweets so on Tuesday morning I know for a fact that the vast majority of Sarah’s Twitter followers were commuting to their places of work with smiles on their faces and loads of respect for what she had achieved – well those that were breathing anyway.

Earlier this week also, there was a little bit of magic that had an impact and effect on me. Normally readers of the blog usually anticipate either something insightful or at the very least a rant from The HRD. Something that at the very least stimulates or incites emotions in most readers. This day was no different in that respect. Yet in all other respects the post, The Strength to be Different was. The HRD, or Theo to those brave enough to speak with him (heeding the warning to keep hands closed and arms by ones side) had written one of the most moving pieces I have had the pleasure to read. A proud Dad sharing with us all, his feelings and love for his Son on his birthday. It brought tears to my eyes and a large smile to my face that even now is still there with the recall. I know it moved others it was that uplifting.

Not finished yet. Just before Christmas a couple of my other fave people lost their jobs when the company they worked for was closed down. Mervyn Dinnen was resolute to the point of denial, or at least that was how it felt from where I was. I read his blog avidly, talked to him, had coffee with him, introduced him to people I knew who I thought might be able to help. Mervyn remained his usual calm (well sort of) and smiling self. On Weds night this week I asked him how things were going and was pleased to hear that there might be good news on the horizon. Yesterday I was thrilled to find out that he had not only taken a new job but it was THE job that he set out to get. Jobsite are lucky to have him on board. I am so excited for him.

As if that wasn’t enough I actually bumped into The HRD at the station this morning. All the millions of commuters going in and out of London’s many train termini at any time and there we were walking next to each other at the same time; me on my usual commute, him not having a scooby’s where he was going or how he was going to get there. He is in HR so cut him some slack and it was too early for him to have had his requisite portion of raw meat. He always makes me smile. So off to work I go with a plan to meet with Gareth Jones, the other person who lost their job before Christmas mentioned in the paragraph above. Over lunch we covered quite a few topics, high on my list was his job hunting activities. And yes! There was good news. Gareth has so much experience in his locker, a very sharp business mind and a catch for anyone. I can’t reveal much, but again I am so made up for him.

So my week has been that memorable because four people, who over the last year have become close friends, are very special and mean the world to me have achieved or done something that has meant a lot to them. I didn’t do much out of the ordinary myself, I didn’t achieve anything but my friends did and they are happy.

Music of the Day = Angels Walk Amongst Us by Anathema

I hope I have many more weeks like this

  1. It’s great when these good things all whirl and spin up close to each other. Like you say, rare. I enjoy reading about these collective good experiences, thanks for taking the time to write it down.

    Cheers – Doug

  1. February 14th, 2011

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