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I am willing to be up front and state that I have moderated a comment on this blog post and rejected it as spam. It was the inspiration for this spontaneous post.

Unfortunately there are one or two people that tend to comment quite a bit on other peoples blog posts in order to antagonise or worse, just plain promote themselves, their company or their products under the guise of very thinly veiled comments. Not here you don’t.

It is a dilemma isn’t it? Do we allow open and honest debate letting anyone comment and letting the reader decide or should we give a slap to those that abuse the platform, lazily using it as an opportunity to influence, abuse or promote to someone else’s readers?

I suspect that the usual suspects will respond to this. If they do should I point them out so that you can read what they write on other people’s blogs and see why I am taking this stance?

Thoughts please.

  1. Unless you are adding insight or adding relevant information don’t comment.

    If the blog is asking a question of the industry and you off the solution then mention it, but if not then don’t mention what you do.

    Out of every 20 blogs I read I probably only comment once. Why? Well I could advertise my services on every one of them, but that is the last thing the original author wants.

    I’ve seen several people having content flagged on LinkedIn of late for advertising. Is this becoming more common place do you think?

    I write my own blog on our company site with the sole intention of taking an element of recruitment, putting my own spin on it and trying to get advertising to our products and services.

  2. Personally, I’m no fan of moderation – but I understand your position entirely as you don’t build your blog & audience just for someone else to abuse the platform (well, unless they’re paying for ad space…)

    That said, I did find myself warning someone on one of my posts recently. In that case, it was an anonymous personal attack on another reader (if the attacker had been named, I probably would have let it ride out longer as it would have been more even-handed).

    Regardless, good on you for posting and making clear our house rules – best way to handle it, IMHO.

    • Hi James – it is a tough one isn’t it and pleased you actually wrote what i was thinking i.e. paid ad space etc.

      thanks for taking the time to read and comment


  3. Gosh Gary I’m a bit taken aback by the vitriol. (I assume it’s my comment that you have rejected as spam.)
    Why the reference to “slapping” and “lazy”?
    I thought that my comments were relevant and my suggestions helpful and even-handed. I assure you the intention was not to antagonise merely to offer potential solutions-isn’t that the point of debate?

    • David. Thanks for admitting it was your comment I blocked. I wouldn’t have said anything but you saved me the trouble.

  4. Hi Gary – tough call eh? I use Akismet as a wordpress plugin which catches all the spam very well. Beyond that I’ve never had any bother with folk trying to promote or sell stuff inappropriately so I choose to keep my blog unmoderated. I’m sure if I had different experiences I would think and maybe act differently too.

    I sometimes get guff on the LinkedIn group and either move it to the promotions tab – hell no one ever looks there right, or just let it drift away silently – most folks seem good at spotting the crap and it just gets cast aside.

    Always enjoy a quality rant – keep up the good work sir!

    • it is a difficult one, I know. But there have to be some boundaries.

      dont there?

  5. Wasn’t going to comment, but as David has identified himself I thought I would.

    I recently left the (ahem) IOR group on LI for so many reasons, but one of them was the constant drivel that was posted on the discussion board and the spamming from David and one or two others.

    In fact, I was moderated myself for raising the spamming issue in the group.

    I’m not surprised you were driven to comment Gary, well said.

    • abigail errington
    • October 18th, 2011

    there is a blog etiquette, and while most are happy to play the game, unfortunately as in life, there are some whose manners have little to be desired! While the exchange of ideas and even linking can be beneficial to all parties, it should be the reader we have at our forethought at all times. Let’s be honest, all industry social media is a form of self publication and promotion and we are all in the business to achieve greater brand awareness, but straight out spamming is NEVER a good thing as it undermines those of us who truly believe in the worth of social media for business.
    I think it is great that Gary has allowed guest posts as in encourages worthwhile exchange of ideas, and any blog owner has the right to interject if they feel their hard work is being used for ill gotten gains!
    Right, I am getting off my soap box now, happy Social Networking! x

    • Hello Abigail – thanks for taking the time to read and comment. In general I hate the thought of moderating but when comments are not a specific response to the subject blogged about or not in response to the previous commnet and are purely used to advertise company services a line needs to be drawn.

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